In this small talk, Néstor Codina, Virtual Consultant at Alhona, speaks about the role of Simulation in industrial processes, its benefits, use cases and the value it brings.

What role does industrial process Simulation play?

I would dare to say that, in any industry, Simulation can play a very important role, especially when it comes to knowing what might happen in the future. These are decisions that can have a major impact, and having the certainty of making the right decision before making the investment can save costs and a few headaches.

In which use cases is Simulation applied?

At Alhona we apply Simulation regardless of the sector in which our customers work, from the sizing of an AGV fleet to the creation of a digital twin of an entire plant, including production, intralogistics, warehousing and even distribution.

What benefits can a company obtain from this tool

Above all, peace of mind and certainty that a new scenario or situation will be favorable or not, and act based on this result. After all, with Simulation it is possible to test changes or modifications that would imply large investments at a reduced cost and without affecting real production.

What differential value does Alhona provide?

At Alhona we offer an integrated solution in which the equipment, the constant flow of data and the ability to predict what is going to happen in your plant with Simulation, results in optimized operations with a direct impact on saving time and money.